Exceptional Founders Choose Horizon Partners

“The Horizon Partners team is not only comprised of the best bankers in the business, they are genuinely decent human beings who truly care about their clients. While there are numerous reasons why we are grateful to have hired Horizon, the most salient is that they were ultimately highly successful stewards of our complex sponsor-backed merger and recapitalization.  To reach the tremendous financial, strategic, and partnership outcome with Rubicon, Horizon at times slotted in operationally, putting on their CFO, strategy, and corporate development hats to help us make important decisions.  This high-touch approach was critical in Horizon’s becoming so well versed in the nuances of the market and combined business that they could masterfully pitch that combined entity to many investors not familiar with such exotic initial transactions.

In comparing our respective experiences post deal, it jumped out to us that in Brent’s pre-CEO career working in the investment banking and private equity industries, he never encountered a senior banker set as hands on and committed as Mike and Sandy (and he worked with exceptional folks!). From our initial kick-off through close, Horizon was more than just our advisor. They were truly partners who joined our respective teams. As we told the Horizon team at the end of our process, we are a “10” on the NPS scale in enthusiastically recommending their services to our peers. If you’re considering working with Horizon or if you’re curious to learn more about why we feel so strongly, shoot us connection requests and mention that in the note. We would be happy to discuss further.”

Brent Grinna & JD Beebe
Co-founders, EverTrue & ThankView

“In the process of bootstrapping our software business to substantial scale and profitability, we were fortunate to work with many exceptional operators, advisors, and industry thought leaders. So, when we entrusted Horizon to manage our private equity process, we had very high expectations. After working with the Horizon team to close a large transaction with our ideal partner, we are pleased to say that they delivered 100%. Not only did they exceed our lofty expectations in terms of professionalism, work-ethic, efficiency, and the ultimate transaction valuation, but they did so while being heavily involved operationally and strategically. As one of our investors put it, “Mike flat understood the intricacies of the PDQ business — from the numbers to the product and strategy — in a way that private equity firms rarely see from advisors”…and we would add that he (and the entire Horizon team) did so while showing a level of respect, grace in difficult circumstances, and foresight that made our entire executive team miss them after the deal closed and they were off to the next transaction. For these and a multitude of other reasons, we can unequivocally recommend Horizon to any entrepreneur in the fortunate position to hire them. Bottom line: if you do have the opportunity to work with them, you’ll be extremely glad that you did.”

Shawn Anderson and Shane Corellian
Co-founders, PDQ

“When we hired Horizon, their reputation and our ‘gut’ told us that we would be successful together. However, by the time we had completed due diligence and closed a transaction in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, they had truly become part of the Mathway team. To other entrepreneurs considering Horizon: by the time you close a transaction, we are confident that Horizon will have exceeded your expectations so many times and in so many different ways that — like us — you will not be able to imagine having done it any other way. We are thrilled with our outcome and are now happy to add “friends” to Horizon’s former title as our “investment bankers.”

Frank Balcavage & Jake Kuehner
Co-founders, Mathway​

“Horizon did an exceptional job for us. Their deep SaaS expertise was the primary consideration when Spatial Networks selected them — from two dozen candidates — to manage our transaction process. This expertise, when combined with Horizon’s ingenuity, strategic guidance, patience, and creativity, ultimately delivered Spatial Networks a combination of investors that we feel is ideally positioned to take the business to the next level, a feat even more impressive because the investors did not know each other before Horizon put them together specifically for our deal. From my initial interactions with Horizon, which were notably different from those with the many others firms that had contacted me, to their integrity and transparency, they stood apart from the crowd. I would hire Horizon again in a heartbeat and would recommend them without reservation.”

Tony Quartararo
Founder, Spatial Networks

“If you have the opportunity to work with Horizon Partners, you should. They’re brilliant, fun to work with, and made a complex process seem easy—with results that exceeded all of my expectations. Horizon architected a dream transaction structure that I wouldn’t have thought possible…until they delivered it.”

Philip Kaplan
Founder & CEO, DistroKid​

“It was a true pleasure working with Horizon. Extremely knowledgeable, engaged, and easy to work with, Horizon did a fantastic job managing the process, negotiating terms, working through transaction challenges, and ultimately helping identify DaySmart’s ideal partner. What may not be clear to outsiders is that DaySmart began working with Horizon three years prior to our transaction. During that period, Horizon was instrumental in helping us transition from a perpetual license to subscription-based software model. They also helped us understand and calculate life time value, significantly reduce churn, implement our Scrum process for software development, and execute many other important strategic initiatives. From kickoff to closing, Horizon was outstanding to work with and added tremendous value.”

Mark & Christianna Jackson
Founders, DaySmart Software​

“It Is my great pleasure to recommend Horizon. As a company founder and majority owner, the thought of selling a part or all of my company was a big decision, to say the least. Having a firm of Horizon’s integrity and understanding made the process and related decisions much easier. Horizon’s principals showed a rare ability to manage the expectations and personalities of all parties involved. I couldn’t have been more pleased with their counsel, attention to detail, financial expertise, and availability. Horizon’s recommended and eventual outcome was the best option for shareholders and the future of our company — exactly what was promised at the beginning of the process. One would be hard-pressed to find a better advisor.”

Craig Flynn
Founder & President TreeHouse Interactive (now Impartner)

“Horizon did a phenomenal job for XE in our sale process and enabled us to achieve an outcome with which we are thrilled. Horizon’s deep expertise, attention to detail, insights and instincts with respect to M&A dynamics, combined with an unrelenting degree of rigor in optimizing timing and process execution, played key roles in getting us an excellent valuation. We followed their advice and recommendations and then saw the promised benefits unfold throughout a process that proceeded like clockwork according to the plan and timeline that had been set early on. Bottom line: Horizon delivered. Perhaps most importantly for us, Horizon exhibited a human, personal side and consistently acted from a foundation of integrity throughout the process. We were not necessarily expecting this — investment bankers aren’t often characterized in that manner — so it was a great bonus that helped to make an exciting, stressful, emotional process thoroughly enjoyable. We look forward to continued interactions with Horizon’s principals and their team.”

Steve Dengler & Beric Farmer
Founders, XE

“Horizon’s long-term view is refreshing and their industry expertise has proven invaluable. Results-oriented and consistently engaged, Mike and Sandy exhibit a care-factor that you won’t find with other banks. They were successful, despite the complex legal and financial components in our transaction, and continue as trusted advisors to Ookla. Simply put, Horizon is in a class of its own.”

Mike Apgar
CEO & Founder, Ookla

“We had a fantastic experience with Horizon. They knew our business cold which was no small feat given it’s equal parts digital media, SaaS, and mobile. They skillfully guided us through buyer discussions and then through an intensive, multi-party due diligence process. When it came to crunch time they delivered, showing off excellent negotiation skills. From start to finish, Horizon’s principals brought an intensity, work ethic, level of expertise, and ultimately outcome that strongly exceeded our expectations. We look forward to continuing to work with Horizon on post-deal issues.”

Jason Toews & Dustin Coupal
Founders, GasBuddy

“Horizon has been a key partner for the past few years. Their deep industry knowledge has been invaluable in helping Next Sparc find and execute upon opportunities in the technology sector. They have provided a high level of resources and consistent senior-level attention. I am excited to work with them on future transactions.”

Len Pagob
CEO, Next Sparc

“Horizon has been a true partner to me since I started my business. I was consistently impressed with their hard work, valuable insights, and effective negotiation tactics leading up to my transaction. They fully lived up to their commitment to dedicate all resources necessary to achieving a strong outcome. I look forward to continuing a great relationship with the Horizon team.”

Joe Deal
CEO & Founder, BestNursingDegree.com

Horizon delivered a great outcome on my transaction. They added value in many ways throughout the process, from positioning the business to capture strategic interest, to negotiating a complicated transaction and taking an hands-on approach through due diligence. They have continued to be valuable advisors on a variety of issues that have arisen post-deal. I talked to a number of firms before exploring M&A and I’m very glad I went with Horizon.”

Scott Wainner
CEO & Founder, Reseller Ratings

“I’ve worked with Horizon’s principals for many years and consider them trusted advisors. They’ve consistently provided keen insights on transactions and have been highly effective negotiators and problem-solvers. Their sector expertise is unparalleled. Working with Horizon has been great for my business and I will continue to work with them on future deals.”

Tom Hendrickson
CEO & Founder, Mitre Media

“I’ve known Horizon’s principals for years and would highly recommend them to other technology entrepreneurs. They helped navigate a difficult due dilligence process and structured a complicated transaction. The principals have always been very accessible and extremely hands-on, even well after the deal closed. Choosing to work with Horizon was a fantastic decision.”

Dan Wesley
CEO & Founder, CreditLoan.com