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Comment and Donation in Opposition of President Trump’s Recent Executive Order on Immigration

At Horizon Partners, we would normally leave political comments and actions to our individual team members.  This is because we recognize and respect the nuanced experiences that lead individuals to vote their conscience one way or another.  We strive to uphold and support the conclusions of the political process as best we can and to allow others the same right.  Unfortunately, we believe these are not normal times, so we feel compelled to make a statement.  As a small firm, we don’t expect our actions to draw notice, but we strongly believe in the golden rule and strive to act as we would hope other businesses would.

We find President Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim policies profoundly offensive in moral terms and astonishingly foolish in practical terms.  These policies violate the sacred values upon which our nation was founded and risk galvanizing the movements behind the very terrorist networks they so clumsily seek to target.  We also believe that most Trump supporters embrace our country’s fundamental values and share a genuine empathy and concern for mankind, so we want to encourage them — as we encourage those on all sides of the issue — to analyze the moral and practical dimensions of the recent executive order with an open mind.  We feel the article linked here explores the different perspectives and accurately comes to an appropriately negative conclusion regarding the executive order.

We are fortunate to have the means to give more than our words to this cause, so we are donating $5,000 to Oxfam and $5,000 to the ACLU.  We are also offering to match any contributions made by our team members on a 2-to-1 basis.

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