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Neutron Interactive Acquires EnticeLabs

Last Friday (10/01/2010), one of Horizon’s clients, Neutron Interactive, officially acquired EnticeLabs, the recruitment marketing technology company behind TalentSeekr™.

It was a very interesting deal on a variety of fronts.  Likely the most compelling aspect of the deal is that it closed roughly two weeks following Horizon’s initial contact with the acquired company, EnticeLabs.  In contrast, most deals close many months after initial contact.  It was also Neutron Interactive’s first acquisition.

For insights from our client on the transaction, please see Neutron Interactive’s blog post on the deal.

You can find the official Business Wire press release here.

Please let us know if you’d like to know more about our client’s motivations for the transaction and how they prepared themselves to act so quickly.  If we have enough responses, we might try to twist Dan and Shaun’s arms to write a guest blog post.

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