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Horizon Partners Wins 2023 Software Boutique Investment Bank and Growth Investment Deal of the Year at the M&A Atlas Awards

May 1, 2023 – Global M&A Network recently honored the winners of the prestigious M&A Atlas Awards (USA). The independently governed awards recognize M&A excellence in numerous categories spanning value-creating transactions, outstanding firms, top professionals, and legendary leaders in mergers and acquisitions.

At the awards, Horizon Partners was named the 2023 Software Boutique Investment Bank of the Year and also won the 2022-23 Growth Investment Deal of the Year for advising Mobility Market Intelligence (“MMI”) on its growth investment and minority recapitalization by WestView Capital Partners. Horizon Partners has received significant recognition in recent years for its bespoke, “Product-first M&A” advisory model, associated artisanal services that extend well beyond those delivered by traditional advisors, and top-of-market client transaction results. In addition to being named “Boutique Investment Bank of the Year” from the M&A Atlas Awards in previous years, Horizon and its professionals have garnered numerous industry honors for excellence in deal making and client advisory, including several “Transaction of the Year” and “Investment Banker of the Year” awards at both the M&A Atlas Awards and M&A Advisor Awards galas.

Regarding Horizon’s work on his transaction, MMI Founder and CEO Ben Teerlink said:

“We are thrilled with the outcome, thrilled with our new financial partner, and thrilled with the service provided by Horizon. When the time comes for my next deal, I don’t even need to consider with whom I plan to work. As far as I’m concerned, Horizon Partners already has the job. If you’re a founder looking for a true partner to bring your business to the next level, look no further. If you work with Horizon, your life will be easier, your nerves calmer, and your transaction outcome much, much better.”

Of the award, Horizon co-founder and Managing Director Mike Firmage said “We are grateful for each of our clients and are thrilled that MMI has garnered the recognition it deserves. We are very pleased with the MMI & WestView transaction and partnership, are grateful for the trust of the team, and appreciate Global M&A Network’s recognition of the exceptional outcome at the Atlas Awards.”

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